Do you have some radiators that are colder than others?

Does your system take a long time to heat up?

Is your boiler noisier than it used to be?

Do you have radiators that are cold at the bottom?

These are all indications that your system could benefit from a system clean.  

Powerflushing is one of the popular methods for this.  It involves using a purposely designed pumping machine, to clean the circuits and radiators of your system individually, with a powerful cleaning chemical.  The dirty/sludgy water is then drained from the system as its being refilled with fresh clean water.

Not all systems however are suitable to be power flushed.  Where this is the case, a system clean can still be performed.  The cleaning method is still the same as using a power flushing machine, but instead, mains pressure is used to blast throughout the system.

We can advise with a no obligation quote which is the best method for your system.

A cleaner system can deliver the following benefits:

Extending system life

Increasing the reliability of the system

A more even heat distribution throughout the property

A more economical system leading to saving energy. (You are not paying to heat up the sludge!) 

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sludge in pipe