At Wallis Moore we are qualified to install and provide your unvented / Pressurised system.

Whether thats an unvented boiler or an unvented hot water cylinder, such as a Megaflo we can assist you.

Do you ever see water dripping from the discharge pipe outside your property (or through the tun dish next to the cylinder)?

Do you find that you are having to top the system pressure up often?

Is your water not as powerful as it once was?

Have you noticed radiators or pipes starting to leak?

An unmaintained Unvented system will lead to all of the above happening.  The boiler, pipes, fittings, the cylinder, the whole system is put under unnecessary stress due to the system running at an increased pressure.

We can offer you a great deal if you decide to get your unvented cylinder serviced at the same time as your boiler!

Contact Wallis Moore today for your unvented issues resolved

Heatrae Sadia unvented megaflo cylinder